Monday, July 19, 2010

A little about me....

Hi!  I'm MBC.  I'm 32 and married to my best friend, Mr. MBC.  Mr. MBC has a daughter from a previous marriage who is quite possibly the sweetest little girl in the world.  We have one dog, Pup MBC.  Mr. MBC and I have been trying to add to our little family for over a year now without luck.  Here's our timeline:

July 2009 - tossed BC

August 2009 to October 2009 - 7 periods, no signs of ovulation

November 2009 - visit with OBGYN to discuss issues; OB casually mentions PCOS

December 2009 - Clomid 100 mg = BFN

January 2010 - Clomid 100 mg + HCG trigger = BFN

February 2010 - Clomid 100 mg + HCG trigger = BFN

March 2010 - HSG: tubes all clear; Semen Analysis: all good; Clomid 100 mg + HCG Trigger = BFN

April 2010 - Clomid 100 mg + HCG Trigger = BFN

May 2010 - Break Cycle

June 2010 - Break Cycle; Consultation with RE - PCOS confirmed, put on Metformin

July 2010 - Waiting to start Follistim + Trigger + IUI.....fingers crossed that this is it!

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  1. 150mg of Clomid finally worked (no O on lower dosages) and I got pg and then had a m/c. Now I am on my 2nd injectables cycle (1st one I overstimmed)...
    I hope it only takes 1 for you! Good luck!


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