Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why is it...

Why is it that when you're in the middle of a 2WW, you're hoping and praying that AF stays away?  Yet, she never obeys your wishes. She shows up and slaps you right in the face!

While the waiting is tough during a medicated cycle (when you have just a little bit of hope), I've decided this wait for AF is worse.  I'm waiting for her to show so I can call my RE's office and get my first IUI cycle underway.  The sooner the better.  Not only because I'm driving myself crazy, but the sooner AF shows up, the better chance we have of actually being able to proceed with the injectables and IUI.

I guess the waiting is the worst part regardless of WHY you're waiting.


  1. And it's always late the one time you actually want her! Murphy's Law!

  2. Here from ICLW and yes, the times you don't want AF to show up, she does and the times you want her to show up, she delays!!! Good luck on your next cycle!

  3. Seriously, AF just doesn't listen one way or the other...

    I hope she gets here soon and you can get started! Good luck on your injectables cycle and welcome to blogland!! :)

  4. Found you through ICLW, and you're absolutely right. This entire process is a series of different WAITS. Drives me batty sometimes.

    In your case I hope she gets here ASAP!


  5. IF is the biggest tester of patience ever. I hate it.

    Good luck with your IUI cycle :)
    Nice to "meet" you- Robin

  6. Hello from ICLW

    I hate waiting, it sucks, I wish sometimes I had a magic wand to speed up time.

    Good luck with your IUI!!

  7. Hey there, here from ICLW! I am waiting to start an injectible cycle for an IUI as well. I am also a teacher :) Hope AF comes soon.....

  8. Hi from ICLW!! I agree that when you want it to come...it seems like FOREVER!! Good luck with your upcoming cycle!
    Beth #148

  9. Thanks ladies! IF has definitely helped me learn to be more patient.

    I've been a little crampy today, so I'm hoping AF is on the way. ::fingers crossed::

  10. Amen. I HATE the waiting game. I feel like my whole live revolves around waiting now days.

    ICLW #91


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