Tuesday, December 14, 2010

17 weeks - Woot, woot!

How far along? 17 weeks. One more week and I'm on the downhill slide

Weight gain/loss: According to the scale at Dr. H's office, I've gained a total of 6 pounds.  I'll take it!  Even though it's only 6 pounds, I can see the changes in my body.  Mr. MBC has started referring to me as "Belly". 

Maternity clothes? I've started wearing some maternity tops in the last week.  Still none that tie in the back.  I have a pair of cords from Kohl's that I love.  They are soft and warm and just the right length. 

Stretch marks? Still none other than the one on the belly.  I've started using body butter 2 times a day to make sure my skin stays hydrated.  I guess only time will tell.

Sleep? Much better now the the never-ending crud is getting better.  I can lie down and not feel as if I'm choking and suffocating. 

Best moment since last update? Hearing the heartbeats at my appointment last week.  Even though they sound the same every time, it's so reassuring to know that they are pumping right away.  There's still quite a difference in Baby A and Baby B in terms of heart rates.  Mr. MBC is convinced that there is one of each in there.

Food cravings: Still loving my chicken biscuit or chicken minis from CFA.  Cannot get enough!  I've realized that the reason I like them so much is because they do not have eggs on them.  I went through Hardie's one morning last week to "mix things up", and the smell of the egg on my biscuit was overwhelming.

Genders: 9 days until we find out for sure!!!  Mr. MBC and I are both very excited about our anatomy scan on Dec 23rd.  I'm so glad the timing worked out so we can surprise our families at Christmas.

Belly button in or out? In.  Not much change really

Movement? No :(  I thought I was on to something last week, but since then NOTHING!  I know it's still early, but you'd think with 2 in there you'd feel movement sooner.

What I miss? This time of year - wine!  With all the upcoming Christmas parties and family gatherings, a glass of wine would be quite nice.  Mr. MBC and I went to dinner the other night and I had a steak.  I knew that it would be so much better if I had a glass of red wine with my meal. 

I know some people say a glass every now and then is not a big deal in preganancy.  But, it took so long to get here I'm not taking any chances.

What I'm looking forward to:Anatomy Scan on December 23rd.  Can't wait!

Milestones: I *think* I may be getting to the enjoyable stage of preganancy.  I'd be lying if I said I've loved every moment of preganancy.  But in the past couple of days, I've felt much better and had more energy.  Maybe it's just the holiday seaon?  Who knows, but I'm glad to be feeling like myself again.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Update from 16 week OB Appt....

Hi lovelies!  The world must be coming to an end because this is my 2nd post this week. 

I had my 16 week OB appointment yesterday.  Nothing too exciting - PIAC, finger prick, weigh and then see the doctor.  I met a new nurse yesterday and I swear she was more excited than me about twins.  She just kept on and on.  Then my regular nurse took my vitals.  My blood pressure was a little elevated, but she thought it was because I'm still battling the crud.

I actually saw my OB yesterday, Dr. H.  He came in and found the heartbeats very quickly.  It was the first time he's actually heard them since I saw Dr. L the last time I went in.  He asked the routine how ya feeling? still dealing with morning sickness? blah, blah, blah questions.  But then he asked the best question of the day - looking at Mr. MBC and I he said "Are we ready to find out what we have in there?"  Immediately we both said "YES!".  So, we scheduled our anatomy scan for two weeks from yesterday, Christmas Eve Eve.  I'm so excited because we will be able to surprise our families at Christmas.  My parents and Mr. MBC's mom knew about our trouble TTC, so the excitement was there when we announced our BFP, but it wasn't completely unexpected.  Know what I mean?

After that excitement, Dr. H mentioned my cough and stuffiness.  He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic to help me kick it for good.  Then he asked if I've had questions.  I think he knew the answer before he asked :)  Anyway, I asked him about some tightening and pressure I've been feeling in my lower abdomen - especially when my bladder is full.  Dr. H confirm what Dr. Google had told me earlier in the week - Braxton Hicks.  He said they are completely normal and to be expected in a twin mother much earlier than a singleton pregnancy. 

All and all a good appointment.....then all hell broke loose :(  I got to work and my students were testing all day.  Around 10:30 I started feeling really nauseated.  I took a Zo.fran, but I was sure that it wasn't morning sickness.  Not much later I had to bolt from my classroom and dash to the restroom.  I barely made it; didn't even get to lock the door.  To me, vomitting is the worst kind of sick.  This continued on and off for about 2 hours.  Normally I would have been able to leave as soon as I had my classes covered.  However because I had been to see Dr. H earlier in the day, Mr. MBC dropped me off at work.  His office is about an hour from my school...longest.hour.ever!!!!  While waiting on Mr. MBC, I went to the nurse's office and laid down on the cot.  She told me there was a stomach virus going around and it sounded like I had it.  Fan-freaking-tastic! 

Luckily, I had some Phenergr.en at home.  I took a pill as soon as I got home and slept for about 4 hours, got up and ate a little, and then went back to bed.  I didn't vomit at all after taking the Phenerg.ren but I'm still having some stomach cramps and issues with the other end :( 

So, for the record....fighting the crud for weeks + stomach virus + pregnancy = worst possible day.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Truckin' Right Along

How far along? 16 weeks.  According to Dr. H, he wants me to make it to 36 weeks, so I'm almost half-baked :)

Weight gain/loss: Remember my 1st trimester worry about not gaining?  Well, it was all in vain.  I haven't stepped on the scale in about a week, but I was up about 4 pounds after Thanksgiving.  I'm blaming all the holiday food and desserts.

Maternity clothes? Still just maternity pants.  I have a few baby-doll type sweaters that are maternity, but not that many.  It's not that I'm not looking for maternity shirts (my belly is definitely growing), it's just that I have a hard time accepting that my only options are shirts with an empire waist and a tie in the back.  Can't maternity clothes be fashionable??  I realize that there are stores like A Pea in the Pod, but I don't spend that much on my clothes normally, so I will not spend that much on maternity clothes.

Stretch marks? I've decided it's not going to be pretty.  I have one new stretch mark on my stomach.  The crazy thing is that it's on my lower belly - not even the part that is expanding!!?  My mom, my aunts, my cousins - they've all had LOTS of stretch marks from pregnancy.  I know that a lot of it is genetic, so I'm going to take it with a gain of salt.  (Remind me of this in a few months....say March?)

Sleep? Okay - I'm still waking up at least once per night to go to the bathroom.  And of course, my dog wants to go out then as well.  So I put him out, get blasted by freezing air, go to the bathroom, beg the dog to come in and get more freezing air. 

I've starting sleeping with a body pillow rather than my Bopp.y sleep pillow.  I don't feel like the Bopp.y gives me enough support.  The regular body pillow is working much better.

Best moment since last update? My friend, K, did an in-home ultrasound a couple of weeks ago.  She works in a cardiologist's office, but had to do a rotation in an OB's office before graduating.  Mr. MBC and I got to see both babies.  Baby A is very active.  I think s/he had the hiccups during the u/s.  At one point, s/he was sucking his/her thumb.  Baby B on the other hand likes his/her sleep.  K had to mash and poke my belly to get Baby B to wake up and play.  Based on what she saw, K predicted a boy and a girl.  Can't wait to find out!!

Another great moment was feeling confident enough in my pregnancy to go public on Face.book.  Mr. MBC and I posted on Thanksgiving.  The responses from our friends and family was overwhelming.

Food cravings: Chik Fil A....I have it for breakfast about 3 days a week.  Someone joked the other day that CFA should be the official sponsor of my pregnancy!

Genders: Still unknown, but a boy and girl were predicted in my bootleg u/s at 13.5 weeks.  I should have my anatomy scan in a few weeks, so we'll know for sure :)

Belly button in or out? Still in. Actually, the entire area of my belly is in around my belly button.  I have a distinct bump, but it's sunken in at the belly button.  Weird!

Movement? Not sure...I think I've felt a few flutters.  Can't wait until there's a definite party going on in there.  Again, remind me of this in March :)

What I miss? My slim face.  I feel like my face is much fuller.  I think some of it is from the weight gain from all the meds I took to get here.  But I've started noticing that my face is much fuller in the cheeks.  It's like my cheek bones have gone into a state of hibernation.

What I'm looking forward to: I have a regular OB appt this week.  We'll get to hear the heartbeats again.  Also, we'll schedule the anatomy scan; hopefully for the week before Christmas.  And, we're going to purchase our 4-D ultrasound this week. 

Milestones: No more vaggi tabs :)  Also, my OB told me to incorporate one caffinated drink into my diet each day.  Around week 13-14, I had some serious migraines.  So bad that my OB sent me to the ER, but that's a story for another day.  Anyway, my OB understood why I was avoiding caffeine, but since I was out of the 1st trimester drinking one soda a day should help with my headaches.  Can I tell you how much I'm loving a cold Coke in the morning???

Monday, November 22, 2010

2nd Trimester...

Here I come.  Well, technically I'm already there but it's been a long 14 weeks.  Here are some things I never knew about pregnancy:
  • I would fear going to the bathroom.  When will this toilet-paper obsession stop?
  • My boobs do not even look like my own.  I've always been a full figured gal, but lately the girls are out of control.  And OMG, they are so sensitive.
  • Morning sickness is a misnomer....try all day nausea.  I'm 14 weeks in and am still taking Zo.fran every.single.day.
  • Grandmothers to be become CRAZY!  My mom and I have always been close and talk on a regular basis (daily or every other day), but now the conversations are different.  Never about work or gossip about family.  Always "are you eating enough?", "how are you sleeping?", "do you need me to do anything?".  I know she means well, but I swear I'm not handicapped - I'm pregnant!
  • Round Ligament Pain....I dread sneezing and coughing.  I've never had that kind of pain down there.  And don't even get me started on the sensation known as "lightening crotch." 
Needless to say, pregnancy has not been what I thought it would be.  I guess I had this idealistic view of it.  Boy was I wrong.  Mr. MBC reminded me last week that just because I "don't enjoy pregnancy" doesn't mean I love our babies any less.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11 Weeks Update

If you look up the definition of a Bad Blogger, you'd see my picture.  There hasn't been a lot to report, and I've been so exhausted. 

How far along? 11 weeks....WOO HOO for double digits!

Weight gain/loss: Still no gain.  I've lost the bloat weight and I'm actually down by 1 pound.  Most people say "dont' worry, it will come" but I want both babies to be born at a healthy weight.  According to Dr. Luke's book, I should gain about 20 pounds by 20 weeks!?!?  I'm trying not to stress about it because I had some extra weight prior to my BFP, so I keep telling myself the babies are eating away at my stored fat.

Maternity clothes? I'm wearing maternity bottoms but most of my tops are regular tops.  As for dresses, I've bought a couple of maternity ones, but I can still wear many of my pre-pregnancy ones as well.

Stretch marks? No more than the ones I started with....

Sleep? Not so great.  I have no trouble falling asleep, but staying asleep is an issue.  I still take my Ambi.en on occasion, but I really do not want to take it every.single.night. 

Best moment since last update? Mr. MBC brought me roses to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our 2nd first date.  So sweet.  Also, seeing the sweetest girl in the world stand up in church and announce that "my daddy and Mrs. MBC are having twins!". 

Food cravings: Cheese....anything with cheese, especially mac and cheese

Genders: Unknown...should find out around Christmas.  I've got to find out if the anatomy scan is done at a regular appointment or if it's scheduled seperately.  I'd love to surprise my parents and my MIL with bibs, onesies, or something at Christmas to announce the genders.  This is going to require a little bit of fibbing on mine and Mr. MBC's part, but it's with good reason.

Belly button in or out? Still in.  I have a scar from having my gallbladder removed at the bottom of my belly button.  I wonder if/how the scar will come into play.

Movement? None yet.  Everyone tells me I should start to feel flutters within the next month or so. 

What I miss? My energy :(  A good friend of mine said that she felt a world of difference when she hit 12 or 13 weeks.  I'm counting the days!

What I'm looking forward to: My appointment next Thursday.  I'm nearing the end of my 1st 4 week stretch of no dr. appointments.  It's been quite the adjustment from weekly appointments for bloodwork and ultrasounds.  Dr. H said we'd be able to hear the heartbeats at this appointment.  YAY! 

Milestones: Hitting double digits, only 20 days left of progesterone vaggi-tabs

Monday, October 11, 2010

8 week update

Sorry for not updating at 7 weeks.  Not really much to tell. 

Weight gain - I'm up a total of 1.4 lbs as of this morning.  Although that is not much, my body seems so different.  My boobs are HUGE! And my lower stomach has more of a pooch than normal.  I've been reading Dr. Luke's book on having multiples and if I follow her guidelines, I should gain 24 lbs. by the end of week 20.  I guess I need to pay more attention to how many servings of each food group I'm getting daily and my calorie intake.

Symptoms - Still exhausted.  The odd thing is, I can't sleep through the night without meds.  I can't get comfortable.  I'm a belly sleeper and I'm trying to prepare myself for the next 7 months of not being able to sleep on my belly.

My boobs are still sore.  Did I mention how large they are?  My mom said yesterday that I looked like I had gained 2 lbs. in each one....gotta love how moms tell the truth, huh?

Morning sickness, AKA all-day nausea!  It hit last Tuesday.  I've only actually gotten sick once, but the feeling is constantly there.  Dr. L prescribed me some Zo.fran and it's working, but wears off after about 6 hours or so. 

Clothes - I have picked up a few more tops and bottoms.  I figure I need to stock up.  I must say that I LOVE my maternity pants.  It is so nice to sit down an be able to breath.  Not to mention that my jeans that I have are quite fashionable.

I'm also using my bella bands.  I have a couple of pairs of pants that I can still wear with them, but it's not going to last for much longer.

In other news - Mr. MBC and I have been back to the RE twice since I last blogged.  Both appointments went very well.  I had an ultrasound at each appt so we now have pics of the babies at almost 6, 7, & 8 weeks. 

Last week, the ultrasound tech measured Baby A's heartbeat to be around 125 and Baby B's to be closer to 150.  Due to this difference, Mr. MBC is convinced that we're having boy-girl twins.

At our most recent ultrasound, both babies were measuring 8 weeks exactly, which is about 4 days ahead.  It was so neat to see how much the babies changed from one week to the next.  They actually look like babies now.

The biggest news is that I GRADUATED from Dr. L!!!  Woo Hoo....I think?  I love Dr. L and everyone at his office.  I love the weekly ultrasounds.  I love knowing that they know who I am when I call with a question.  I'm going to miss all of those things.  But, it also makes me feel very good that Dr. L is confident in my preganacy and is passing me on to my OB. 

Coming Up This Week - Mr. MBC and I have our first OB appointment this coming Friday.  I'm looking forward to it, and have a TON of questions to ask Dr. H.  Most of the questions are twin-related.  I have a lot of anxiety about bed rest, pre-term labor, NICU, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia.....basically everything that could go wrong.

Any specific questions I should ask??

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6 weeks

Hey, hey!  Here's my 6 week update.  Nothing too exciting.  I plan on taking weekly pictures, but right now there's nothing to show other than fat and bloat.

Weight gain - None.  I actually lost the 2 pounds I had previously gained.  I finally pooped.  But I can tell that my body is changing. 

Symptoms - Still having some cramping, but not as bad as the week before.  I have two major symptoms - sore boobs and exhaustion.  I can tell that my boobs are larger.  I'm still fighting buying new bras.  I'm afraid of how many cup sizes I'm going to increase during this pregnancy (and post pregnancy when I attempt to BF).

As for the exhaustion, I feel like I cannot get enough sleep.  I've been in the bed by 9 each night and that's after falling asleep on the couch.  Luckily, I am sleeping better.  Thanks to Dr. L prescibing Amb.ien.  I'm trying not to take it every night, but I know how good it is.

Clothes - I went shopping with Mr. MBC last week after finding out about the twins.  I figure there's no need in suffering through tight clothes when I'm cooking up a double dose of baby.  Then my mom came up on Sunday and we went shopping as well.  As of now, I have a couple pairs of maternity jeans (HEAVEN!) and a couple of dresses.  I bought several shirts as well for layering under sweaters and cardigans in the coming months. 

Coming Up This Week - Mr. MBC and I have our second ultrasound this week.  We're both very excited about seeing our babies again.  I'm hoping we can get a heartrate this week.  Wishful thinking??? 

In other news - After seeing the heartbeats last week, Mr. MBC couldn't keep quiet any longer.  We've told all of our family and many of our friends.  I was hoping to keep it from my students for a little while longer, but kind of got called out yesterday by a student.  It's only a matter of time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Had our first ultrasound today....

One word - AMAZING!

Everything went as planned except one thing....Mr. MBC and I are expecting twins!  Holy Crap!  I didn't even think it was a possibility based on my ultrasound prior to my last IUI.  Here's the first photo of the MBC Babies:

Please excuse the poor quality.  I had to take a photo of the ultrasound print with my phone. 

Everything is moving along well.  Baby A is measuring 1 or 2 days behind Baby B, but the ultrasound tech assured me that was perfectly normal.  Baby B is measuring 5 weeks, 5 days so perfectly in line with our IUI date.

I talked to the nurse about some things and feel better:
  1. She assured me that all of the cramping was just my uterus expanding and nothing to worry about.
  2. She told me I could take a fiber supplement each day to help with my poop problem, more specifically lack of.
  3. She's going to talk to Dr. L about giving me some meds to help me sleep at night.  Exhaustion hits me around 2:30 or so each day.  I'm asleep by 8:30 most nights, but wide awake shortly after midnight.  I've always had sleep issues, but not that I'm pregnant it's hard to push through the day after a night of no sleep.
  4. She gave me some free sample of Rx Strength pre-natal vitamins.  I asked about switching to one that had DHA in it and she offered samples, so I took them. 
  5. She told me it was up to my OB as to how long I would take the Metformin.  So I guess time will tell on that.  She said that Dr. L typically reccomends up to 20 weeks.
  6. Laslty, I asked about having sex.  Mr. MBC has been quite neglected since my spotting scare the other week.  I was advised "nothing in the vagina" until further notice.  The nurse gave us the green light as long as sex isn't painful or leads to spotting. 
What a day!

Happy ICWL!

Hello to all the fellow ICWLers.  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Here's a quick recap of our TTC Journey:

  • July 2009 - tossed BC
  • November 2009 - went to OB due to AF showing every 14 days; DX with PCOS
  • December 2009 thru April 2010 - Clomid (aka: The Devil's Drug) + HCG trigger = all BFNs
  • May & June 2010 - forced break due to Mr. MBC's work schedule
  • June 2010 - met with RE, Dr. L regarding PCOS and treatment options
  • July 2010 - Folli.stm + HCG + progesterone = BFN
  • August 2010 - repeat of July 2010 = BFP!!
I'm currently 5 weeks, 5 days pregnant.  A whole new journey begins....

Monday, September 20, 2010

5 weeks

I'm going to attempt to post week by week updates.  I was technically 5 weeks on Saturday, but the weekend was super busy with a birthday party, college football and date night with Mr. MBC.

Weight gain - 2 pounds...I really think this is all bloat and lack of pooping.  I've barely eaten anything over the past week. 

Symptoms - Still having some cramping, but no more spotting!  YAY!  My boobs still feel like punching bags and have began to overflow the bra cups.  I'm exhausted by 7:30 or so each night.  But the tale-tell sign is the constant trips to the bathroom.  Last night, I got up 3 times to go pee.  I already have sleep issues, and all the peeing is not helping.  Lastly, indigestion.  It doesn't matter what I eat or drink.  I have it after every.single.meal.  But I'll take that over morning (or all day) sickness.

Clothes - I'm still wearing my regular clothes.  However, I did buy 2 Bella Bands last week.  They are like heaven with some of my pants.  I've decided I'm going to buy a couple of knit dresses that are work appropriate and mix them up with cardigans, scarfs, etc.  I'm hoping I can make it for a little while without having to buy true maternity clothes.

Coming Up This Week - Mr. MBC and I have our first ultrasound this week, Thursday.  I cannot wait to see the little blob that is growing inside me.  I'm very anxious about it because several people have suggested to me that I may have twins in there based on my HCG's quick doubling time.  Comparing my numbers to those on the Beta Base site, I'm much more in line with twins than a singleton.  Mr. MBC and I will be happy with either, but the thought of two babies at once is a little scary.  But as my mother pointed out, I don't know the difference between one newborn and two newborns.  She's assured me that I'm going to be exhausted either way.  Thanks Mom :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's still rising...

I had my 3rd beta drawn this morning.  It came back at 1556.  I'm super stoked!  Mr. MBC and I have our first ultrasound next week.  So excited!!!

I thought I may get some funny looks for being there this morning, but my appointment was still on the books and everything was ready to go for me.  I talked to the nurse about sex.  Mr. MBC and I have not had sex since the spotting on Sunday.  I'm still having some cramping as well, so I wanted to get the green light before we had some sexy time.  The nurse said "Nope".  She suggested that we abstain for another week (!) or so.  I haven't told Mr. MBC yet....he's not going to be happy.

I am running out of clothes.  Yes, I realize I'm not quite 5 weeks pregnant.  But, with the 5 rounds of Clo.mid and the two cycles of Folli.stim I've gained about 10 pounds.  Last winter, I squeezed into some of my work pants and jeans.  Now, that's not even an option.  This time of year is tough for me to dress for anyway.  It's cool in the morning, but in the 90s in the afternoon.  I'm just ready for fall weather.

To remedy my lack of clothes, I bought a few things at Targ.et yesterday.  I bought a cheap pair of jeans thinking that I could wear them now and use a bella band with them when they got tight.  WRONG!  I went up 2 whole sizes from my favorite jeans and they were already skin tight - couldn't even get them buttoned.  I bought a couple of dresses.  One was a maternity dress, but it looked pretty straight.  WRONG again!  When I put it on, it sagged at the belly.  It was very obvious that it was maternity.  The second dress I bought was okay, but I knew it wouldn't last much longer.  I could go back and get the larger size, but I don't want to look frumpy for the time being. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I think I'm going to be "that" patient...

I'm still having some cramping, but nothing too bad.  No spotting, so I feel much better.

After yesterday's appointment, I fully expected a nurse to call me.  Well, no phone call just a message in my patient voice mailbox.  The message gave me my updated beta and progesterone numbers, but didn't say anything about the urinalysis.  No biggie, right?  Like I said yesterday, no news is good new.  Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I called the nurse messaging center this morning and left a message regarding yesterday's urine sample.  Also, I had quite a day with my stomach yesterday.  TMI Warning.....I pooped like 6 or 7 times yesterday.  I have IBS.  Over the years, I've learned what foods to stay away from and how to avoid episodes like yesterday's.  Well I didn't really eat anything to set me off, so I'm guessing it was stress related?  Or maybe it's my hormones because I usually have episodes around the time AF comes to visit each month.  Who knows???  Anyway, I asked the nurse if I could take Immod.ium to help with my stomach issues.  My message from earlier today was the my urinalysis was "all clear" and take the Immod.ium "per instructions".

So, let's recap this week with Dr. L's office:
  • Sunday - call nurse on call for spotting and cramping
  • Monday - go in for bloodwork and urinalysis
  • Tuesday - call and leave a message for my nurse
You'd think I'd be done, right?  Well, you're wrong!  My initial beta was last Thursday.  Since my numbers looked good, my nurse told me to come back in a week to do another round of bloodwork.  She actually went ahead and scheduled it for me.  Yesterday's message said to repeat labs in a week.  Well, I'm on the schedule for labs Thursday morning (day after tomorrow) and I fully plan to go and have more bloodwork done.  It's still so early, I feel like I need constant updates.  I'm sure this will be the last week that I get two sets of bloodwork, but I'm gonna take it while I can get it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What a Rollercoaster!

The last 5 days have been such a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Last time we talked, I was 10 dpiui.  I went against most people's advice and tested last Wednesday morning.  Mr. MBC was adamant that he be the one to actually look at the test.  So I got up, POAS and got in the shower.  I waited and waited and waited - in all actuality it was probably only 2 or 3 minutes.  Then Mr. MBC came into the bathroom and started analyzing the pee stick and the instructions.  Then he said "Looks positive to me."  After almost a year and half of POAS, I took a little convincing.  The line was light, but definitely there.

Thursday morning, I tested again.  The line was darker and showed up almost immediately.  Mr. MBC and I left home and headed to Dr. L's office for my beta.  Around lunch time, I got the phone call that my numbers were "very good".  Beta = 101, Progesterone = 43.  That's when it really hit me - I'm pregnant!

Friday and Saturday were uneventful.  Friday was a super busy day for me at work.  Left home before 7:00 am and didn't get home until 10:30 pm.  Saturday, Mr. MBC and I ran some errands and then had a lazy day.  I was having some cramping both days, but nothing significant.  Saturday night the cramps became more intense.  I just chalked the pain up to residual cysts from the Folli.stim.  Before going to bed, I told Mr. MBC not to wake me up on Sunday morning because I planned on sleeping in.

Sunday morning I woke up around 5:00 with major cramps.  I tossed and turned for about an hour and then got up and got on the couch.  Around 8:30 I went to the bathroom and there it was - blood on the toilet paper.  TMI Warning....it was brown, not red so I knew that was the better of the two.  Immediately, I called Dr. L's office.  The on-call nurse called me back and told me spotting was normal as was the cramping.  She adivsed me to take Tyle.nol as needed for the pain and to call back if the spotting got worse (or red).  The spotting stopped around noon yesterday.  Even though I know it's normal, I was still thinking the worst.

I didn't sleep at all last night.  Analyzing every twinge, pain, etc.  I went in this morning to have repeat bloodwork.  I also had a urinalysis done because apparently spotting and cramping can indicate a UTI (who knew??).  My bloodwork showed that my beta is up to 579 and progesterone is up to 57.3.  "Great rises" according to my nurse.  No word on the urinalysis.  Right now, no news is good news.

So, I guess it's official!  Mr. MBC and I are expecting in May. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 dpIUI

That's where I am today.  I have no idea if I'm pregnant or not.  I can't decide if I want to test tomorrow or Thursday morning.  My beta is Thursday.  This is going to be one of the busiest weeks I've had since returning to work.  Not the best week for me to find out if IUI #2 worked or not. 

What I do know is this...I HATE vaginal progesterone, AKA "vaggi-tabs" by Mr. MBC and myself.  There are various reasons, but some are gross so I'll spare you the details.  I also know that my boobs feel like they have been used as punching bags by Mr. MBC.  Lastly, I know that I am completely exhausted!  (But all of that could be from the hated vaggi-tabs.)

Things have been so crazy that I haven't updated since our appointment with our RE last week. Dr. L is AWESOME!  He's very confident that Mr. MBC and I will walk away from his program with a baby (or two).  He was honest and said he didn't know if it would be via IUI or IVF. 

Dr. L said that he doesn't see or know of anything that would keep an IUI from being successful.  So, if this IUI cycle is a bust we've planned an exploratory lap.  We went ahead and scheduled it while there.  Dr. L agreed that it was much better to schedule and have to cancel than to be forced to sit out for a cycle or two. 

One thing that was not mentioned at the appointment was the bowel prep that is required for the lap. I had no idea.  I mean, I would still have the surgery, but it would have been nice to find out face-to-face rather than a letter and instructions in the mail.  After reading the directions, I thought "I can do this."  I've had to do a bowel prep before for a colonoscopy and nothing can taste as bad as the liter of stuff I had to drink for it. 

So my friends, I leave you with this....to test or not to test?

Monday, August 30, 2010

IUI #2 Complete & Confession

IUI #2 was a success Saturday morning.  Mr. MBC had nearly 27 million sperm post wash.  At this point, I'm telling myself that AT LEAST one of those 27 million will reach my egg or eggs.  Fingers crossed.

I have a confession....Mr. MBC has no idea about this blog.  I was contemplating telling him a few weeks ago, but then I found out how he felt about keeping everything private.  I've found myself wondering if this is considered lying?  Mr. MBC is truly my best friend, but I feel like this blog has become my outlet.  I don't cry nearly as much (at least not in front of people) and it's nice to get stuff off my chest.  Does your husband know about your blog?  Does he read it?

In other news, Mr. MBC and I have an appointment with Dr. L tomorrow afternoon.  Dr. L is proactive and wants to discuss and modify our plan in case this IUI cycle is a bust.  I'm hoping this appointment is a waste of time and money.  I honestly think he will want to do a lap to make sure there is nothing hiding in my ute.  I'm fine with surgery - oddly enough it doesn't even scare me.  Part of me wishes we would have done this before starting IUIs.  If that's his plan, I think I'll go ahead and schedule the surgery.  If I have to cancel it, FANTASTIC.  If not, then I don't have to worry about being out of the TTC game for another cycle. 

Oh, and I've started taking Brome.lain each night.  I figure WTH, it can't hurt?  It's all natural and if I was eating pineapple daily I'd be getting the same stuff.  But OMG - it's a freaking horse pill!  How is it I'm okay with surgery, but complain about horse pills?  IF really messes with your mind, eh?

Friday, August 27, 2010

IUI #2 Tomorrow

I had my follow up appointment yesterday morning.  I was a little disheartened by the ultrasound.  Just tow days prior, I had 5 follies that were all within 2 mm of each other.  I thought for sure I was going to have 3 to 5 targets for MR. MBC's swimmers.  But the ultrasound showed only 1 mature follie and another that is likely to catch up.  I know I should be grateful because some people have cycles cancelled for poor response, but it still stings.

Even though I only have 1 or 2 mature follies, I feel like my lower stomach is going to explode.  It is so bloated and tender.  I feel like someone is inside my uterus with a hammer.  I had about 4 or 5 follies that were are 12 mm or less.  I guess all of the small ones add up.

Last night Mr. MBC gave me my HCG trigger and the weirdest thing happened.  He's given me this shot 5 times prior to this and is a pro by now.  But last night, as soon as he took out the needle I started gushing blood.  So much that it was down to my knee before he could grab for a tissue to wipe it.  It didn't hurt or anything, but all the blood was odd to me.  Anyone have a similar experience? 

Mr. MBC is scheduled to be at the RE tomorrow morning at 7:30 to provided his sample or JIAC (Mr. MBC's favorite new IF acronym.  Thanks Sulfa!)  Then I'm scheduled for the IUI at 9:00. 

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.  I want it to go by quickly because then we're closer to the kick-off of college football season!  Roll Tide! Who's your favorite team? 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on IUI Cycle #2

I started my Folli.stim injections on CD 3 and took my last one last night...or so I thought.  If you remember, I'm doing the same protocol as last month - 100 iu per night for 6 nights. 

Well, I went in for my monitoring appointment this morning and I had 5(!) measurable follies - 4 on the right and 1 on the left.  (WTF is up with my lazy left ovary???)  They ranged in size from 12 - 15 mm.  I also had bloodwork to check my estridol levels.  I checked my voice mail a little while ago and my levels were "good" according to my nurse.  She told me the numbers, but I can't remember.  So the plan is to do the Folli.stim injection tonight and tomorrow night then go back to the RE for another ultrasound and more bloodwork on Thursday.  My nurse feels like I'll be ready to trigger on Thursday night and the IUI will be Saturday morning.  EEK!!  Can't believe it's already time again.

Oh and by the way, if you're wondering about my lining...."It's great".  Those were my nurses exact words.  Today it measured at a 7.2 and she said it would continue to thicken as the follies grow.  Plus, the trigger shot will help prepare it for implantation.  Not sure if this is due to my shorter period this month or the blueberry pom juice I've been drinking everyday.  Who knows? Who cares??

I really hope this is it.  I have a good feeling about this cycle.  I feel like it's finally okay to have some hope. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

IUI Cycle #2

I went in for my CD 3 bloodwork and ultrasound yesterday.  My ovaries looked good, which was a relief since I thought my right one was trying to kill me.  Then the nurse called around lunch to tell my E and FSH levels were okay and to continue with our plan. 

As promised, I went to the appointment armed with my list of questions.  Here we go:

  1. Can we change my Foll.istim dosage to increase the number of follies?
    1. No.  "Everything looked good" last cycle and we're hoping for a BFP this month.  With my PCOS, they don't want to up my dosage due to the risk of OHSS.
  2. Can I get meds to help with my lining thickness?
    1. No.  My lining was fine by the time the IUI took place.
      1. But have no doubt, I will be drinking POM juice like it's water the next week or so.
  3. Is there any reason NOT to do an IUI before meeting with Dr. L again on the 31st?
    1. "Absolutely not".  Basically he knew how long it would take to get an appointment and didn't want us to have to sit out a cycle while waiting for a consult. 
So I guess I'll be doing everything the same as last cycle.  Shots CD 3 - 8, monitoring appointment CD 9.  If I respond as quickly as last month, I could be doing IUI #2 a week from today. 

Although my Rx meds are the same, I'm thinking about taking brome.lain tablets to aid in implantation.  I've read a lot about women drinking pineapple core smoothies for this, but I'd rather get the supplement and drink with water.  Anyone out there tried pinapple core smoothies or brome.lain tablets before?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling a little overwhelmed

So I thought I was okay with last cycle's BFN.  Then last night, Mr. MBC and I had a little tiff, nothing major and over something completely ridiculous.  After the silence standoff, he and I were talking and I just broke down.  I have cried for 5 days straight.  While I'm an emotional person and where my heart on my sleeve, I'm not a crybaby!

Somethings that came out of mine and Mr. MBC's talk....

  • I've realized that I've been oblivious to the let-down he feels as each month passes.  I guess since I talk about it, blog about it, and think about it all.the.time., I forgot that he doesn't have a child on the way either.
  • Also, I realized that IF is a "personal" matter to Mr. MBC.  My real life friend, K, and I started our last cycle within 3 days of each other and did the same protocol.  She and I would text several times a day about stuff.  Mr. MBC is not a fan of texting, so I just thought that was where his frustration came from.  Not from the fact that I was discussing our "personal" issues with someone else.
  • Mr. MBC pointed out to me that I no longer say "When we have a kid..." but rather I've started saying "If we have a kid....".  He thinks that this battle has turned me into a different person.  I'm typically very optimistic and look at the best case scenario.  While I feel like that's who I am still, I don't approach IF with that same attitude.  I honestly feel defeated.  And I don't know how to get over that feeling.
  • We discussed IVF and decided that we would figure out a way to make the financial side of it work if our journey comes to that. 
I'm looking forward to my baseline appointment tomorrow.  I have quite the list of questions to ask my nurse since she and I have been playing phone tag for the past 2 days.  I give up and well just take time in the morning to talk things through with her.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA...

I've been a bad blogger.  School has started back and I've been swamped.  I wear a lot of different hats at my school.  I pinky-promise to do better.  So let's play catch up.....

  • I survived the cysts from hell (obviously).  I'm interested to see what's going on in there.
  • I had my beta last Friday and it was negative.  After lots of tears, I think I'm ready to move forward with IUI #2.  I just hope the cysts are gone and I'm not on the bench for a cycle.
  • Today is CD 1.  AF came to town in full force. 
I haven't had the chance to talk to my nurse or RE since getting my BFFN message on Friday.  My message said the RE wanted Mr. MBC and I to make an appointment to come in and talk to him, but we could do the same protocol for this cycle if we want.  Of course, I immediately wonder "what's wrong?"  But Mr. MBC reminded me that Dr. L said if we didn't have a BFP after 2 IUIs that he'd want us to come and discuss options including an exploratory lap.  I'm hoping Dr. L knew how long it would take for us to get in and was thinking ahead just in case.  I can't imagine that he would let us go on with another IUI cycle if he didn't think it would work.

Fingers crossed that my CD 3 appointment goes well on Wednesday and the shots can commence.  I'm hoping to talk to my nurse about two major concerns of mine:

  1. Lining - At my last CD 9 ultrasound, the nurse commented that lining was thin, but I had only stopped bleeding two days before that.  I'm going to do a little research (read: obsess) regarding how to help my lining.  I've tried drinking POM, but I wonder what else is out there.
  2. Follistim Dosage - I'm hoping to convince Dr L to up my dosage, but only a little.  I'm hoping by doing so, I'll have more follies and have better odds.  I mean, if one egg and 20 million sperm can't make it work, what can it hurt??  Mr. MBC and I have talked and we're okay with multiples.  I'd be okay if we never had to deal IF treatments again.
Lastly, I'd like to congratulate the following ladies on their recent BFPs:



And a real-life friend, K, that was 3 days behind me in her IUI cycle.  She found out about her BFP today.  I'm so excited for her and it renews my hope since we have the same RE.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's been a while...

What a crazy week!  School is about to start again and I've been going here and there, working in my classroom, buying school supplies for my students.  Needless to say, I'm exhausted!  I've done more in the past 5 days than I did for most of July.

I'm currently 6 days past our first IUI.  I have some minor cramping this week and my stomach as been tender to the touch.  I wasn't concerned because I'm heard or read about others having similar experiences.  Fast forward to yesterday around 4:30 pm.  I thought I was dying....severe pain, nausea, tears.  I was out buying my baby brother a belated graduation gift.  I was happily shopping, browsing, and deciding on the perfect gift for his new bachelor pad.  Then BAM!  I thought I was going to pass out from the pain.  And of course, I was alone.  I took a minute to regain my composure and then made my way out of the store.  As I drove back to my brother's apartment, I was crying from the pain. By the time I got back, the pain had eased up.  I wiped my face, wiped the smeared eyeliner and made the trek up the 3 flights of stairs.  By the time I got to the top my pain was in full force again.  In the apartment, my mom, dad and brother were working to unpack the 100s of boxes my brother has (seriously - I didn't have half as much stuff when I was 22).  The minute I walked in my mom knew something was wrong.  I told her about the sharp pain and grabbed some Gat.orade and took 2 Tyl.enol. 

After about 30 minutes of lying still, the pain eased up.  About that time Mr. MBC called to say he was on his way back to the apartment.  I said "OK", then he said "What's wrong?"  I told him my stomach was really hurting.  When he arrived he came to the bedroom to check on me.  And this is one of the reasons I love him...he said "Are you sure it's not gas?  Do you need to poop?".  Regardless of the situation, he can make me laugh, which turned out to the worst thing I could have done at that point.  Mr. MBC asked if I wanted him to call my RE or go to the ER.  I told him no, just take me home.  I took Tyl.enol every 4 hours throughout the night. 

I called my RE's office this morning because Mr. MBC and I were convinced that I had OHSS.  When the nurse called me back, she told me that it was unlikely because my estridol levels were not that high.  (Apparently it has to be over 1000 or so to raise a flag.)  She went on to explain that it was most likely a cyst or two, specifically a corpus luteum cyst.  She told me to continue the Tyl.enol every 4 hours, rest, and refrain from sex until the pain was gone.  If the pain gets worse, I'm supposed to call back.

Here's the kicker.....I've got 8 days until my beta, but I'll probably test Thursday or Friday morning.  The nurse said if the beta is negative and I stop the progesterone, the symptoms will go away quickly and my period should take care of the cyst(s).  However, if the beta is positive the symptoms will continue for another 2 or 3 weeks. 

Damn Catch 22!  But I'd rather have a baby and be in pain than have pain from not having a baby.

Monday, August 2, 2010

IUI #1 - Complete!

Mr. MBC and I headed to the RE's office bright and early yesterday.  Mr. MBC had to provide his sample first so they could wash and prep it for the IUI.  Let's just say, I was shocked....I had no idea that I could go into the room and "assist" with Mr. MBC collecting his sample.  When the nurse asked if I was coming in, I could feel my face turn 5 different shades of red.  Given, everyone at the RE's office is there to make babies, but I was still embarassed. 

Almost 2 hours later, Mr. MBC and I were called back into the procedure room.  The nurse began by doing an ultrasound to make sure the HCG trigger had done its job.  She showed us the fluid that was leaking from the follicles.  She said it looked like my two smaller ones caught up for a total of 3 follies! 

The RE finally came in and said the post wash count was good (20 million!!) and the morph report would be available today.  He said the count was so high that he wasn't too concerned with the morph. 

The IUI itself was easy.  It felt very similar to a pap smear with a small pinch.  I had some cramping yesterday and still have some today.  Before Dr. L left the room, he said "I'm hoping for some good news in about 10 days" with a big smile on  his face.  You and me both Dr. L, you and me both.

I know this 2 WW will be one of the longest of the past year.  I'm very hopeful about this cycle, but I'm trying to be cautious and not get my hopes up too high.  I'm already debating if I'm going to test out my trigger and test early.  Decisions, decisions.

Friday, July 30, 2010

IUI #1 is set

I had my monitoring appointment this morning.  The nurse found 1 mature follie and 2 that may be ready by the time the IUI rolls around.  My lining is a little thin, but the nurse said it should thicken up rather quickly.  So here's the plan:

  • Trigger tonight
  • Mr. MBC has to be at the RE's office at 7:30 Sunday morning to provide his sample
  • IUI should be around 9:00
  • Start progesterone on Monday evening
I'm super excited that this cycle is working out.  I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but it's really hard.  Fingers crossed that this is it!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

All over the place...

That's where my emotions are right now.  So I'm asking your forgiveness up front for the topic-jumping that's about to happen....

I've been so busy this week.  Although school hasn't started back yet, I've been working this week to get things ready for when the students return.  It feels really good to focus my energy on something other than my trouble TTC.  I may be the only teacher out there that feels like this, but I'm glad summer is drawing to an end.

I think I've mentioned my two real-life friends that are going to the same RE as me.  One of them has struggled for longer than Mr. MBC and I and has had 2 miscarriages along the way.  The other has gotten married in the last year and recently decided to stop BCP.  She and her husbnad officially started "trying" back in April of this year.  Because of some issues she had in the past with super long cycles, her OB/GYN sent her straight to the RE.  She's completed ONE medicated cycle - Femara and timed intercourse - and she's knocked up!  Seriously????  I am happy for her but WTF?  Why can she catch a break, but I can't?  What about our friend that's had 2 miscarriages already????


Tonight is my last (scheduled) injection of Follistim.  The injections have been easy.  I can't feel the needle going in and the medicine burns only a little.  But OMG, my stomach looks like I'm a hard-care druggie with a huge issue.  Pair that with the bruises on my arms from having blood drawn.....quite the sight!

I have my first monitoring appointment in the morning.  I haven't really had any side effects from the injections.  I know this sounds crazy, but that worries me.  With Clomid, I was CRAZY emotional and my boobs wer super sore.  I've been a little emotional this week and I feel kind of bloated, but nothing major.  I guess I was just expecting more side effects from injectables than from the pills. 

I'm so nervous and excited to see what's going on in there.  Depending on what's cooking in there, we could be doing the IUI as early as Sunday or Monday.  EEK!


Lastly, I've been a bad blogger since this past weekend.  I haven't commented on other ICWL blogs, nor have I returned comments from those that have commented here. While I'm not making excuses, Mr. MBC came home Sunday night from his out of town buisness.  He's been down in Naples for the better part of 3 months.  I'm just enjoying having him home.  And if it makes you feel any better, I haven't been on Facebook or played Words with Friends on my iPhone. 

If you've left a comment, I promise to stop by your blog very soon.  Thanks to everyone that has stopped by this week.

ETA - For those of you about to start Follistim, I've learned that there are really 400 iu in the 300 iu cartridge.  I got 4 - 100 iu doses out of my 300 iu cartridge.  It was a nice surprise!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

And we're off!

I had my baseline appointment yesterday.  I was nervous that I would have a cyst and have to wait another cycle.  Great news - no cysts!  The ultrasound also showed lots of follies on each ovary.  I talked with the nurse again about my fear of over-stimming and she told me to come back on CD 9 for an ultrasound so we can see what's cooking. 

Today is CD 3 and I'll do my first injection of Follistim tonight.  Although I planned to do these shots myself, I'm kind of bummed that Mr. MBC will not be here.  He will be attacking his 12 hour drive tomorrow morning at 5:30 am.  I'm so glad he's coming home!!

I don't know if there is any truth to it or not, but I plan on drinking pom juice until O.  I did this during one of my Clomid cycles and the nurse referred to my lining as "nice and fluffy".  However, it was one of the worst AF I've ever had.  Fingers crossed that AF has her bags packed and will not be back for a while!

Changing topics....I've truly enjoyed being a part of ICWL this month.  I've just started blogging and I know that I would not have nearly as much traffic or followers if it wasn't for ICWL.  Thanks to Stirrups Queen for organizing this amazing group of bloggers.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My favorite aunt is here!

Welcome Aunt Flo!  Come on in and make yourself comfortable.  For the first time in a year, there is no saracasm or anger in that welcome.  So glad to see her!

I am stoked to have this new cycle underway.  I called my RE's office this morning and have my baseline appointment tomorrow morning at 9:00.  I never thought I'd be so excited to have a date with the dildo-cam and a couple of needles.  Oh, the things we do for our (unborn) children.

Something not so stoke-worthy....I picked up all of my meds earlier today.  I walked out of the pharmacy $461 later with two Follistim 300 iu cartridges, 1 HCG trigger and 30 progesterone capsules in tow.  I knew what the total was going to be, but I didn't realize how little 300 iu is.  I mean, Mr. MBC can spit and have more liquid than the Follistim vial. 

Here's hoping that I'll find my baby carriage sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome ICWLers!

Welcome fellow IFers!  As you can tell, my blog is relatively new.  I created this blog as an outlet - I think Mr. MBC is tired of talking about IF and treatments. 

While this is my first month participating in ICWL with a blog of my own, I have commented on others blogs before during ICWL week.  Not to mention, I have many of your blogs in my Google Reader.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why is it...

Why is it that when you're in the middle of a 2WW, you're hoping and praying that AF stays away?  Yet, she never obeys your wishes. She shows up and slaps you right in the face!

While the waiting is tough during a medicated cycle (when you have just a little bit of hope), I've decided this wait for AF is worse.  I'm waiting for her to show so I can call my RE's office and get my first IUI cycle underway.  The sooner the better.  Not only because I'm driving myself crazy, but the sooner AF shows up, the better chance we have of actually being able to proceed with the injectables and IUI.

I guess the waiting is the worst part regardless of WHY you're waiting.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Mr. MBC has been working out of town lately.  He has a new company and has to go where the work is.  His travel is the reason we've taken that last 2 cycles off.  I was so pumped earlier today after I talked to the nurse at my RE's office about calling in my meds and preparing to begin our first Follistim/IUI cycle. 

Mr. MBC was supposed to be home this weekend for good.  Yay!  Not so fast....plans have changed.  He's still coming home this weekend, but have to go back to the job site in a couple of weeks to "tie up some loose ends".  With his type of work, "a couple of weeks" could mean as little as 2 weeks or as many as 4.  It just depends if others get there part done.

When I mention that we'll have to look at a calendar when he's home, he acts all confused - "why, what's going on?"  Ummm....trying to get knocked up with your baby!  That's what is going on.

Sigh....can't an infertile girl catch a break?

Who knew??

Who knew that the birds and the bees could be so complicated? 

Who knew that A + B doesn't always equal C?

Who knew that it was SO HARD for one sperm to meet one egg? 

Who knew that MCB would spend thousands of $$ on birth control pills over 15 years of her life only to find out that she can't really get pregnant the old fashioned way?

All of these things came as quite a shock to me.  Something else that came as a shock...there are A LOT of people that deal with infertility.  I guess it's something that you don't think about until it affects you.  I've been lucky enough to find a great support system online.  And more recently, I've learned that two real-life friends are struggling with IF as well.  While I wouldn't wish If on my worst enemy, it's nice to have someone to talk to, cry with, etc. that really "gets it".

A little about me....

Hi!  I'm MBC.  I'm 32 and married to my best friend, Mr. MBC.  Mr. MBC has a daughter from a previous marriage who is quite possibly the sweetest little girl in the world.  We have one dog, Pup MBC.  Mr. MBC and I have been trying to add to our little family for over a year now without luck.  Here's our timeline:

July 2009 - tossed BC

August 2009 to October 2009 - 7 periods, no signs of ovulation

November 2009 - visit with OBGYN to discuss issues; OB casually mentions PCOS

December 2009 - Clomid 100 mg = BFN

January 2010 - Clomid 100 mg + HCG trigger = BFN

February 2010 - Clomid 100 mg + HCG trigger = BFN

March 2010 - HSG: tubes all clear; Semen Analysis: all good; Clomid 100 mg + HCG Trigger = BFN

April 2010 - Clomid 100 mg + HCG Trigger = BFN

May 2010 - Break Cycle

June 2010 - Break Cycle; Consultation with RE - PCOS confirmed, put on Metformin

July 2010 - Waiting to start Follistim + Trigger + IUI.....fingers crossed that this is it!