Monday, October 11, 2010

8 week update

Sorry for not updating at 7 weeks.  Not really much to tell. 

Weight gain - I'm up a total of 1.4 lbs as of this morning.  Although that is not much, my body seems so different.  My boobs are HUGE! And my lower stomach has more of a pooch than normal.  I've been reading Dr. Luke's book on having multiples and if I follow her guidelines, I should gain 24 lbs. by the end of week 20.  I guess I need to pay more attention to how many servings of each food group I'm getting daily and my calorie intake.

Symptoms - Still exhausted.  The odd thing is, I can't sleep through the night without meds.  I can't get comfortable.  I'm a belly sleeper and I'm trying to prepare myself for the next 7 months of not being able to sleep on my belly.

My boobs are still sore.  Did I mention how large they are?  My mom said yesterday that I looked like I had gained 2 lbs. in each one....gotta love how moms tell the truth, huh?

Morning sickness, AKA all-day nausea!  It hit last Tuesday.  I've only actually gotten sick once, but the feeling is constantly there.  Dr. L prescribed me some Zo.fran and it's working, but wears off after about 6 hours or so. 

Clothes - I have picked up a few more tops and bottoms.  I figure I need to stock up.  I must say that I LOVE my maternity pants.  It is so nice to sit down an be able to breath.  Not to mention that my jeans that I have are quite fashionable.

I'm also using my bella bands.  I have a couple of pairs of pants that I can still wear with them, but it's not going to last for much longer.

In other news - Mr. MBC and I have been back to the RE twice since I last blogged.  Both appointments went very well.  I had an ultrasound at each appt so we now have pics of the babies at almost 6, 7, & 8 weeks. 

Last week, the ultrasound tech measured Baby A's heartbeat to be around 125 and Baby B's to be closer to 150.  Due to this difference, Mr. MBC is convinced that we're having boy-girl twins.

At our most recent ultrasound, both babies were measuring 8 weeks exactly, which is about 4 days ahead.  It was so neat to see how much the babies changed from one week to the next.  They actually look like babies now.

The biggest news is that I GRADUATED from Dr. L!!!  Woo Hoo....I think?  I love Dr. L and everyone at his office.  I love the weekly ultrasounds.  I love knowing that they know who I am when I call with a question.  I'm going to miss all of those things.  But, it also makes me feel very good that Dr. L is confident in my preganacy and is passing me on to my OB. 

Coming Up This Week - Mr. MBC and I have our first OB appointment this coming Friday.  I'm looking forward to it, and have a TON of questions to ask Dr. H.  Most of the questions are twin-related.  I have a lot of anxiety about bed rest, pre-term labor, NICU, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia.....basically everything that could go wrong.

Any specific questions I should ask??


  1. Good luck at the OB! Sounds like things are going great!

  2. Hey there! I'm following your blog!
    Can you do the same for me?
    Thanks so much! :)

    Good luck at the OB!


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