Monday, September 20, 2010

5 weeks

I'm going to attempt to post week by week updates.  I was technically 5 weeks on Saturday, but the weekend was super busy with a birthday party, college football and date night with Mr. MBC.

Weight gain - 2 pounds...I really think this is all bloat and lack of pooping.  I've barely eaten anything over the past week. 

Symptoms - Still having some cramping, but no more spotting!  YAY!  My boobs still feel like punching bags and have began to overflow the bra cups.  I'm exhausted by 7:30 or so each night.  But the tale-tell sign is the constant trips to the bathroom.  Last night, I got up 3 times to go pee.  I already have sleep issues, and all the peeing is not helping.  Lastly, indigestion.  It doesn't matter what I eat or drink.  I have it after every.single.meal.  But I'll take that over morning (or all day) sickness.

Clothes - I'm still wearing my regular clothes.  However, I did buy 2 Bella Bands last week.  They are like heaven with some of my pants.  I've decided I'm going to buy a couple of knit dresses that are work appropriate and mix them up with cardigans, scarfs, etc.  I'm hoping I can make it for a little while without having to buy true maternity clothes.

Coming Up This Week - Mr. MBC and I have our first ultrasound this week, Thursday.  I cannot wait to see the little blob that is growing inside me.  I'm very anxious about it because several people have suggested to me that I may have twins in there based on my HCG's quick doubling time.  Comparing my numbers to those on the Beta Base site, I'm much more in line with twins than a singleton.  Mr. MBC and I will be happy with either, but the thought of two babies at once is a little scary.  But as my mother pointed out, I don't know the difference between one newborn and two newborns.  She's assured me that I'm going to be exhausted either way.  Thanks Mom :)


  1. OMG!! Awesome news! I will move your link to the success side! Happy ICLW!

  2. Happy ICLW and congrats! I'm 20 weeks along and up two cups sizes already -eek! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! I have a diaper bag giveaway going on at my blog if you're interested!

  3. Congrats on your baby!! That is so exciting. I had to pee a lot during the first few weeks as well but my boobs still don't feel/look like they've grown at all. I'm a little afraid they'll just blow up at the very end and I'll get total stretch marks! haha!

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