Monday, August 2, 2010

IUI #1 - Complete!

Mr. MBC and I headed to the RE's office bright and early yesterday.  Mr. MBC had to provide his sample first so they could wash and prep it for the IUI.  Let's just say, I was shocked....I had no idea that I could go into the room and "assist" with Mr. MBC collecting his sample.  When the nurse asked if I was coming in, I could feel my face turn 5 different shades of red.  Given, everyone at the RE's office is there to make babies, but I was still embarassed. 

Almost 2 hours later, Mr. MBC and I were called back into the procedure room.  The nurse began by doing an ultrasound to make sure the HCG trigger had done its job.  She showed us the fluid that was leaking from the follicles.  She said it looked like my two smaller ones caught up for a total of 3 follies! 

The RE finally came in and said the post wash count was good (20 million!!) and the morph report would be available today.  He said the count was so high that he wasn't too concerned with the morph. 

The IUI itself was easy.  It felt very similar to a pap smear with a small pinch.  I had some cramping yesterday and still have some today.  Before Dr. L left the room, he said "I'm hoping for some good news in about 10 days" with a big smile on  his face.  You and me both Dr. L, you and me both.

I know this 2 WW will be one of the longest of the past year.  I'm very hopeful about this cycle, but I'm trying to be cautious and not get my hopes up too high.  I'm already debating if I'm going to test out my trigger and test early.  Decisions, decisions.


  1. Glad for the good numbers and easy IUI! I really hope there will be some awesome news in two weeks!

  2. How exciting! Glad to hear that the procedure was overall easy and that everything is looking good. It's very comforting to read about other people going through the journey that I am about to start in a couple weeks myself. Good luck!!!

  3. I've never heard of being allowed in the collection room--that is great!!! I'm also impressed that your RE does an ultrasound to confirm that the trigger worked--we don't get that. All very cool! Good luck during your 2ww--I'm 2dpiui, so I'm right there with you.

  4. Yeah! Been thinking of you and wishing the best luck to you. :)


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