Thursday, August 19, 2010

IUI Cycle #2

I went in for my CD 3 bloodwork and ultrasound yesterday.  My ovaries looked good, which was a relief since I thought my right one was trying to kill me.  Then the nurse called around lunch to tell my E and FSH levels were okay and to continue with our plan. 

As promised, I went to the appointment armed with my list of questions.  Here we go:

  1. Can we change my Foll.istim dosage to increase the number of follies?
    1. No.  "Everything looked good" last cycle and we're hoping for a BFP this month.  With my PCOS, they don't want to up my dosage due to the risk of OHSS.
  2. Can I get meds to help with my lining thickness?
    1. No.  My lining was fine by the time the IUI took place.
      1. But have no doubt, I will be drinking POM juice like it's water the next week or so.
  3. Is there any reason NOT to do an IUI before meeting with Dr. L again on the 31st?
    1. "Absolutely not".  Basically he knew how long it would take to get an appointment and didn't want us to have to sit out a cycle while waiting for a consult. 
So I guess I'll be doing everything the same as last cycle.  Shots CD 3 - 8, monitoring appointment CD 9.  If I respond as quickly as last month, I could be doing IUI #2 a week from today. 

Although my Rx meds are the same, I'm thinking about taking brome.lain tablets to aid in implantation.  I've read a lot about women drinking pineapple core smoothies for this, but I'd rather get the supplement and drink with water.  Anyone out there tried pinapple core smoothies or brome.lain tablets before?

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  1. I have not tried those tablets and tried just eating the pineapple core once. Ummm we know how it all turned out. Anyway, please tell your ovaries to coordinate with mine so we can continue to be cycle buddies, please and thank you.


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