Friday, August 27, 2010

IUI #2 Tomorrow

I had my follow up appointment yesterday morning.  I was a little disheartened by the ultrasound.  Just tow days prior, I had 5 follies that were all within 2 mm of each other.  I thought for sure I was going to have 3 to 5 targets for MR. MBC's swimmers.  But the ultrasound showed only 1 mature follie and another that is likely to catch up.  I know I should be grateful because some people have cycles cancelled for poor response, but it still stings.

Even though I only have 1 or 2 mature follies, I feel like my lower stomach is going to explode.  It is so bloated and tender.  I feel like someone is inside my uterus with a hammer.  I had about 4 or 5 follies that were are 12 mm or less.  I guess all of the small ones add up.

Last night Mr. MBC gave me my HCG trigger and the weirdest thing happened.  He's given me this shot 5 times prior to this and is a pro by now.  But last night, as soon as he took out the needle I started gushing blood.  So much that it was down to my knee before he could grab for a tissue to wipe it.  It didn't hurt or anything, but all the blood was odd to me.  Anyone have a similar experience? 

Mr. MBC is scheduled to be at the RE tomorrow morning at 7:30 to provided his sample or JIAC (Mr. MBC's favorite new IF acronym.  Thanks Sulfa!)  Then I'm scheduled for the IUI at 9:00. 

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.  I want it to go by quickly because then we're closer to the kick-off of college football season!  Roll Tide! Who's your favorite team? 


  1. Wishing you so much luck with the IUI!

    I've never had bleeding like that but it sounds like he must have hit a blood vessel!

  2. LOL I'm glad you enjoy the acronym. Was your trigger intra-muscular? I've had lots of bleeding. As long as he pulled back to make sure blood wasn't coming back into the syringe you're okay. :)

  3. Good luck on your IUI! I had my first one yesterday so I'm right there in the wait with you! Can't wait to hear updates.


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