Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Hi :)  I'm MBC.  I'm a wife, daughter, sister and soon to be mother of twin boys.  I started my blog as a way to deal with all the feelings I had when my husband, Mr. MBC, and I were having trouble concieving.  Mr. MBC and I have been married for nearly 3 years and tried for over a year before achieving pregnancy.  While I know this is not very long compared to what others have (and are) dealing with, I knew I had issues.  Once stopping birth control, I was having 16-18 day cycles.  In addition, I have had issues with cysts since I was 14 years old. 

Mr. MBC has a daughter from a previous marriage.  Luckily, I've been in her life since she was one year old so she doesn't really remember a time that I wasn't there.  I rarely talk about her on my blog because I like to keep a certain level of privacy, but when I do refer to her she's known as the Sweetest Girl in the World. 

Again, in terms of keeping my identity private I'm not going to post a picture of myself.

15 interesting facts....that's a tough one, but I'll try:

  1. I've kept my blog a secret from Mr. MBC.  He knows that I participate in message boards like The Bump, but doesn't really "get it". 
  2. Mr. MBC and I had 2 first dates.  We dated, stopped seeing each other and then went out again.  If you ask him, the first time we dated doesn't really count.
  3. I'm a reality TV junkie.  The trashier, the better.  I love all of cities of Real Housewives.  Jersey Shore is like a train wreck I can't look away from.
  4. I'm a teacher.  I have my BS in Biology and Chemistry and my MS in Education.  I'm currently in my 9th year of teaching.  Sometimes I think about going back to school, but then think about all the papers and such....
  5. I have one brother that is 10 years younger than me.  Basically, he and I were both raised as only children.  Surprisingly, we are very close.
  6. I have internet friends (that I've never met in real life) that know more about my IF struggles than most of my real life friends. 
  7. Pregnancy has given me a very loose tongue.  I used to be very good at filtering what I thought and what actually came out.  For some reason, these days if I think it, I say it.  Not always good.
  8. I have several friends at work that are pregnant.  We're at different stages - 36 weeks, 31 weeks, 28 weeks, 25 weeks (me), 18 weeks and 13 weeks -  and I love when we compare symptoms.  Of course all of them are singleton pregnancies, so they are amazed that I experience most things earlier than they do. 
  9. I'm quite proud that I have only gaind 13 or 14 pounds during this pregnancy.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't super fit beforehand but I've seen every other woman in my family gain 40+ pounds with one child. 
  10. I'm worried that once the boys arrive, Mr. MBC and I will have to give our dog to my mother in law.  He was my dog when we got married, but Mr. MBC considers the dog ours at this point.  The dog is very jealous of anything or anyone that takes our attention.  Not sure how he will react to two babies.
  11. When I think about the bringing the boys home, I get excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  I cannot wait to meet them and have them to take care of.  But the idea of caring for 2 newborns is very overwhelming to me.
  12. Mr. MBC and I have decided that we are done with children.  This pregnancy has not been the most pleasant experience for me and thus, not pleasant for Mr. MBC.  Additionally, we would need the help of Dr. L again and that means a chance of multiples again.  We are currently trying to decide how we are going to avoid.
  13. I've heard people talk about heartburn and indigestion, but never knew how intense it could be until I was pregnant.  It's so bad that Mr. MBC has told me to stop saying "Excuse me" every time I burp.  He said he's tired of hearing me say it.
  14. Mr. MBC and I have decided in the past two weeks that we need to finish out our bonus room upstairs.  We've got a very small window of time to get it completed, but I'm confident that we'll get it done before the boys arrive.
  15. As I'm trying to come up with #15, one of the boys is going crazy in my ute.  It's the best and craziest feeling all at once.

One day down, 29 to go.....

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