Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2

Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name

When Mr. MBC and I started our TTC journey, I thought I'd stop birth control in July and be pregnant soon after.  If you ask any woman in my family, they will all tell you that they are "fertile myrtiles".  I learned very quickly that wasn't the case for me. 
Mr. MBC and I were approaching 9 months of TTC and 5 failed rounds of Clomid.  I was talking to a friend one day and she suggested that I start a blog to get all of my feelings and thoughts out.  When I thought about it, she had a point.  Once I decided to start a blog, the name came quickly.  I had found my true love, we were married, but we were searching for the baby carriage.  My biggest fear was that it would forever be missing.  Hence the name - Missing Baby Carriage.
As far as blogs are concerned, I'm trying to decide if I'll keep posting here once the boys are born or if I'll start another blog.  If I start another one, I will likely use real names and photos.  Thoughts?

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